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March 18 2017

Currently restoring some old photos for a book of memoirs of a world war 2 hero


 Restore old photos



March 15 2017

Sorry for the delay in posting new info, no excuses I just haven't got around to it, anyway ive decided to have a slight rebrand with a new domain Andrew Barrett Photography is now everything else is the same and hopefully the move to new domain is seamless


OCT 27, 2016

Bit of a quiet week due to having a few days off. Excited to be working with a new client designing flyers, photography and a new website more details to follow. Been to see Paula at  perfect Xmas gifts for the country household.


OCT 25, 2016

One of the Locals at where I have lucky enough to have been asked to photography the food and premises and really loved the texture and feel of this image in Black and White which wasn’t staged or set up and was as seen (and he loved it) Ladies form an orderly queue be gentle with him as he's just celebrated his 80th birthday !


New inn roborough pub north devon



OCT 15, 2016

Looking forward to the Beaford at 50 exhibition  ‘New Perspectives’ which is an exhibition of 50 photographs that offer a glimpse into the diverse landscape of North Devon from coastal towns to rural communities.

There will be 25 black and white photographs seen through the eyes of James Ravilious from the Beaford Archive, and a further 25 through the eyes of local people of all ages. Each pair of photographs on exhibition compares a ‘then and now’ response to our landscape: what has changed, and what remains? Details can be found by clinking on the link above


OCT 15, 2016

A little excerpt from today

Was out doing some commercial photography today for an award winning business and couldn't resist a quick shot of someone who appeared


Boxer dog north devon








OCT 13, 2016

Food Photography at The New Inn Roborough


Spent the afternoon at our favourite local pub photographing some of the fantastic food they have to offer


Burger and Chips image Ham Hock Terrine image Fish aand chips image





OCT 13, 2016

Facebook Photos quality settings


Just found a helpful bit of info for posting photos to Facebook to keep them looking as good as possible, Facebook supports photos that are either 720px, 960px, or 2048px on their longest edge. Any other sizes will have their dimensions reduced automatically, and this inevitably results in visually poorer images. Reducing the dimensions of an image decreases its sharpness, especially if it is a drastic resize.



OCT 12, 2016

Product Photography


Product photography can mean a very varied day today was Dried Flowers, Glass Bottles and  Cast Iron hooks !!


Cast iron hooks product photography Cardamom pods image Amber glass bottles


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Restore old photos

New inn roborough pub north devon

Boxer dog north devon